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Just as in the shop, we select from the best local oyster growers at any given week.   Whether your raw bar is a single grower or a tasting menu, we know every hand behind every oyster, how they are grown, what the characteristics are and can even guide oyster novices through a first try.

While we traditionally present a regional only product, we can easily bring in some favorites from around the country if you want something special. 

Other SEafood

Fill out your raw bar options with littleneck clams, shrimp, crab, smoked fish, and more.  Just ask.

Some like it hot

Never fry, but grill?  YES!  We can bring a wood fire for a traditional oyster roast or gas grill for simplicity and show you what happens to a great oyster when a little heat is added...and maybe some grilling butters!


Get creative- How about a "Shuck Your Self" event, or perhaps a focused tasting event where we concentrate on a region.  Pairing events are always popular- sake, beer, wine taste pairings for example.


BEER & WINe tastings

We are able to provide a location bar with beer, wine, and sake to compliment the raw bar.  Whether this is integrated with the oysters as a pairing or simply to support your event is something we can help arrange.



The ShuckBus is lightweight and reasonably compact- not much longer/wider than a van or large SUV.  We will set up next to the van, with simple tables and market umbrellas.  Our shucking stand is a vintage, period appropriate feed galvanized trough that shows our oysters off beautifully and contains any mess.    We bring loads of beautiful crushed ice and hidden buckets collect the icemelt.  We provide galvanized waste cans for shell collection and can work with you if you have specific needs.  

No Room for THE TRUCK?

We can set up in your venue without the truck, but may need to talk through the site to make sure we can accommodate cold holding needs.


We need about an hour to load in and set up.  Each LCO shucker can easily open and display 300 beautiful oysters per hour, and service can be expected to last about 3 hours (though your guests may dictate how soon the oysters run out!!)  We need about  6 feet from the front edge of the raw bar to the side of the truck and an additional 9 feet for the truck width.  The truck is 15 feet long, so total required area would be approximately.

Little Creek consistently carries only the best local shellfish, declared an ‘Oyster Oasis” by author Rowan Jabobsen and voted Best Raw Bar by Dan’s Papers, top rated in TripAdvisor and Yelp.
— We look forward to working with you!